A brand new website
Here we are again.
This long journey lead us here where we still have a house.
Our house in the web, where we can welcome all of you and virtually have a conversation.
Here we can exchange point of view on this amazing art of the CGI visualisation.
With this new website we aim to gather around us much of our client and best friend.
A lot has happened many successes and some failure, is everything part of the games, never stop playing.
Like someone quite famous said we still stay hungry and we stay foolish.
This is why we planned projects we are eager to start.
Hopefully we will have you all beside to get some feedback and help us to improve constantly.
We like to spiler our self, this is why we can tell you some of the news about the website.
We will share with you every step in our journey, we will publish content such, free models, tutorial on our work flow, events and other juicy news about CGI.

At the moment we are living an amazing season where new technologies allow us to create amazing piece of visualisation.

Unreal engine is now out with the version 4.17 introducing as always incredible extensions and with improved final rendering quality.
We are always questioning about what will be the technologies of the future in terms of visualisation and Unreal seams to be now more than ever the answer, the virtual reality we are convinced will be a must in few years.

Corona renderer, after the shocking news about the  fusion of Chaos and Render legion many of us thought the worst.
Instead the team is working hard and as always in the past they just released the version 1.7 RC4 of Corona with many improved aspects.
The engine is faster than ever before, there are new Maps like the UVW Randomizer map, the glass dispersion, hair rendering and many more.

We already tested it and I can say that is really fast.
Since is born this engine has been a constant surprise always improving and showing exciting stuff.
If you want to know more:

The future is bright, stay tuned soon we will upload interesting stuff.

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