Thanks to constant research and exploration of new CGI technologies Metrovisual is able to offer a wide range of services

Virtual reality

A full immersion into the virtual environment give the opportunity  to interact with objects and spaces this is why  VR is an essential tool to deliver a project in a very different way.

360 degree panos
Panoramic view allows to describe in a very efficient way every aspect of an environment, sometimes a single still image does not explain in deep the value of the interior design.
Using the head set and the stereo pans images you will be able to choose where to look at.

Unreal Engine
Unreal engine the popular game engine introduce a new standard in the virtual reality and in the visualisation world.
An effective way to navigate and interact with the spaces.
The realism and the full immersion inside the 3D world is a totally new experience.
The real stereoscopic vision decrypt every single geometry adding real depth.
Image if you could replace material in real time or replace the elements in your scene.
The VR will dominate the future, so let’s start now this journey together.

Automotive visualisation

We always loved cars, maybe we are not alone.
A car image is one of the strongest symbol on advertising.
A car visual deliver big values, stories, impression, life style perception.

We love visualise cars as much as we like drive them, this is why we tailor single stories based on the car and the brand legacy, populating the dreams of potential drivers.

interior visualisation

In Metrovisual we try always to reinvent our self.
Creating a personal point of view shared through our visuals is our distinctive sign.
We provide photo realistic rendering that aim to transfer the values of a new development.
We provide a vast range of architectural rendering, from big space such commercial centre to residential interior.
We focus as well on single furniture piece with virtual set  we recreate a studio photo session to enhance the quality of your furniture products.